Title Authors Year Link / Download
Structural and electrical characterization of Ni-based ohmic contacts on 4H-SiC formed by solid-state laser annealing Paolo Badalà, Emanuele Smecca, Simone Rascunà, Corrado Bongiorno, Egidio Carria, Anna Bassi, Gabriele Bellocchi, Cristina Tringali, Antonino La Magna, and Alessandra Alberti 2021 Download
Multiscale simulations of plasma etching in silicon carbide structures M. Italia, I. Deretzis, S. Scalese, La Magna, M. Pirnaci, D. Pagano, D. Tenaglia, P. Vasquez 2021 Download
Privacy preserving amalgamated machine learning for process control Wilfried Verachtert, Thomas J. Ashby, Imen Chakroun, Roel Wuyts, Sayantan Das, Sandip Halder, Philippe Leray 2021 Abstract
Subpixel image reconstruction using nonuniform
defocused images
Nguyen Hieu Thao, Oleg Soloviev, Jacques Noom, Michel Verhaegen 2021 Download
Data fusion by artificial neural network for hybrid metrology development L.Penlap et al. 2021 Visit
Detection and correlation of yield loss induced by color resist deposition deviation with a deep learning approach applied to optical acquisitions Thomas Alcaire, Delphine Le Cunff, Jean-Hervé Tortai, Sebastien Soulan, Victor Gredy, Maxime Templier, Mehdi Kessar, Raffaele Bianchini, Audrey Berthoud 2021 Visit
Virtual Metrology to Eliminate Test Wafers Measurements on Copper Electroplating Deposition A. Doinychko, U. Amato, S. Raitsyn, S. Perna, F. Blundo, C. Genua, D. Vinciguerra, A. La Magna, A. Torres, A. Rosenbaum, M.-R. Amini, and P. Vasquez 2021 Download
TXRF/GIXRF high precision laboratory setup with high flux monochromatic sources C. G. Fatuzzo, P. Hönicke, C. Caliri, A. G. Karydas and F. P. Romano 2021 Download
Convex combination of alternating projection and Douglas-Rachford operators for phase retrieval Hieu Thao Nguyen, Oleg Soloviev and Michel Verhaegen 2021 Download
Identifying the type of line edge roughness using grazing-incidence X-ray fluorescence Zanyar Salami, Anal a Fern andez Herrero, Anna Andrle, Philipp Honicke, and Victor Soltwisch 2021
Shape- and element-sensitive reconstruction of periodic nanostructures with grazingincidence X-ray fluorescence analysis and machine learning Anna Andrle, Philipp Hönicke, Grzegorz Gwalt, Philipp-Immanuel Schneider, Yves Kayser, Frank Siewert, Victor Soltwisch 2021
Dimensional and compositional reconstruction of ordered nanostructures PTB, Imec and others 2021
An Interpretable Machine Learning Model for Fault Detection and Fault Diagnosis Wei-Ting Yang, Valeria Borodin, Michel Juge, Agnès Roussy 2021
Out-Of-Control Detection In Semiconductor Manufacturing using One-Class Support Vector Machines Ilham Rabhi, Agnès Roussy, Francois Pasqualini, Cyril Alegret 2021 Visit
Virtual metrology for semiconductor manufacturing: Focus on transfer learning Rebecca Clain, Valeria Bodorin, Agnès Roussy 2021 Visit
On feature selection for virtual metrology Oussama Djedidi, Valeria Borodin, Michel Juge, Agnès Roussy 2021 Visit
A feature Selection Approach for virtual metrology: Application to CMP process Taki Eddine Korabi, Valeria Borodin, Michel Juge, Agnès Roussy 2021 Visit
Data fusion by artificial neural network for hybrid metrology development L.Penlap et al 2021 Visit
Penalised robust estimators for sparse and high-dimensional linear models Umberto Amato, Anestis Antoniadis, Italia De Feis & Irene Gijbels 2020 Download
Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Imaging for Process Deviation Detection via Machine Learning Approach Thomas Alcaire & al 2020 Download
Hybridization of ellipsometry and energy loss spectra from XPS for bandgap and optical constants determination in SiON thin films Joao Resende & al 2020 Visit
Flexible correction of 3D non-linear drift in AFM measurements by data fusion Johannes Degenhardt, Rainer Tutsch, Gaoliang Dai   2020 Download
Robust Classification of Intramuscular EMG Signals to Aid the Diagnosis of Neuromuscular Disorders S. Jose, S. T. George, M. S. P. Subathra, V. S. Handiru, P. K. Jeevanandam, U. Amato and E. S. Suviseshamuthu 2020
Simulations of the ultra-fast kinetics in Ni-Si-C ternary systems under laser irradiation Salvatore Sanzaro, Corrado Bongiorno, Paolo Badalà, Anna Bassi, Ioannis Deretzis,, Marius Enachescu, Giovanni Franco, Giuseppe Fisicaro, Patrizia Vasquez, Alessandra Alberti and Antonino La Magna 2020
Grazing incidence-x-ray fluorescence for a dimensional and compositional characterization of well-ordered 2D and 3D nanostructures Philipp Hönicke, Anna Andrle, Yves Kayser, Konstantin V Nikolaev, Jürgen Probst, Frank Scholze, Victor Soltwisch, Thomas Weimann, Burkhard Beckhoff 2020 Visit
Inter-diffusion, melting and reaction interplay in Ni/4H-SiC under excimer laser annealing Salvatore Sanzaro, Corrado Bongiorno, Paolo Badalà, Anna Bassi, Giovanni Franco, Patrizia Vasquez, Alessandra Alberti, Antonino La Magna 2020 Visit
Modelling Ion Production inside an Electron Impact Ionizer for High-Vacuum Gas Analysis Jurjen Emmelkamp, Freek Molkenboer, Herman Bekman, Jeroen van den Brink, Dagmar Wismeijer, Norbert Koster, Olaf Kievit, Henk Lensen 2020 Download
PROLIFIC: A Fast and Robust Profile-Likelihood-Based Muscle Onset Detection in Electromyogram Using Discrete Fibonacci Search Easter S. Suviseshamuthu, Didier Allexandre, Umberto Amato, Biancamaria Della Vecchia, Guang H. Yu 2020 Visit
Flexible, boundary adapted, nonparametric methods for the estimation of univariate piecewise-smooth functions Umberto Amato, Anestis Antoniadis, Italia De Feis 2020 Visit