Title Authors Year Link / Download
Data fusion by artificial neural network for hybrid metrology development L.Penlap et al. 2021 Visit
Detection and correlation of yield loss induced by color resist deposition deviation with a deep learning approach applied to optical acquisitions Thomas Alcaire & al. 2021 Visit
Hybridization of ellipsometry and energy loss spectra from XPS for bandgap and optical constants determination in SiON thin films Joao Resende & al. 2020
Modelling Ion Production inside an Electron Impact Ionizer for HighVacuum Gas Analysis Emmelkamp, F.T. Molkenboer, H.H.P.Th. Bekman, J. van den Brink, D.A. Wismeijer, N.B. Koster, D.J. Maas, O. Kievit, H.A. Lensen 2020 Download
Flexible correction of 3D non-linear drift in AFM measurements by data fusion Johannes Degenhardt, Rainer Tutsch, Gaoliang Dai 2020
Grazing incidence-x-ray fluorescence for a dimensional and compositional characterization of well-ordered 2D and 3D nanostructures Philipp Hönicke, Anna Andrle, Yves Kayser, Konstantin V Nikolaev, Jürgen Probst, Frank Scholze, Victor Soltwisch, Thomas Weimann, Burkhard Beckhoff 2020 Visit
Inter-diffusion, melting and reaction interplay in Ni/4H-SiC under excimer laser annealing Salvatore Sanzaro, Corrado Bongiorno, Paolo Badalà, Anna Bassi, Giovanni Franco, Patrizia Vasquez, Alessandra Alberti, Antonino La Magna 2020 Visit
Modelling Ion Production inside an Electron Impact Ionizer for High-Vacuum Gas Analysis Jurjen Emmelkamp, Freek Molkenboer, Herman Bekman, Jeroen van den Brink, Dagmar Wismeijer, Norbert Koster, Olaf Kievit, Henk Lensen 2020 Download
PROLIFIC: A Fast and Robust Profile-Likelihood-Based Muscle Onset Detection in Electromyogram Using Discrete Fibonacci Search Easter S. Suviseshamuthu, Didier Allexandre, Umberto Amato, Biancamaria Della Vecchia, Guang H. Yu 2020 Visit
Flexible, boundary adapted, nonparametric methods for the estimation of univariate piecewise-smooth functions Umberto Amato, Anestis Antoniadis, Italia De Feis 2020 Visit
Penalised robust estimators for sparse and high-dimensional linear models Umberto Amato, Anestis Antoniadis, Italia De Feis, Irene Gijbels 2020 Visit