The MADEin4 Project delivers next generation metrology tools, machine learning methods and applications in support of Industry 4.0 high volume manufacturing in the semiconductor and automotive manufacturing industries.

Addressing a broad range of electronic components and systems (ECS) technologies, MADEin4 demonstrates Industry 4.0 manufacturing productivity improvement by developing advanced, highly connected metrology cyber physical systems, combining metrology data analysis and design with machine learning methodologies and digital twinning.

The MADEin4 project improves Industry 4.0 manufacturing productivity by:

Next generation metrology tools for the ECS industry with focus on higher productivity and connectivity in cyber physical systems

Predictive yield and tools performance improvement by combining machine learning design and metrology data

Next generation metrology and inspection tools demonstrated through Industry 4.0 pilot line

Smart Manufacturing Standards, enabling cohesion between MADEin4 research findings and the wider industry, paving the way for future applications